Double blessings for Landrum, S.C. huntress

Pickens County bucks
Amy Bolick killed both of these bucks on Nov. 19, 2019 in Pickens County, S.C.

One of the bucks was on her hit list

Amy Bolick of Landrum, S.C. got her first and second helpings of Thanksgiving blessings on Nov. 19 when she killed two bucks on the same hunt. She killed a small 8-point buck and a nicer 8-pointer that she had her eye on since seeing it on trail cameras earlier this season. She shot them in Pickens County with a .22 Hornet about 10 minutes apart.

Bolick has had some health scares recently, and was thankful to be in the woods, even though she got a late start that day. She was hoping for a good sign after the health issues.

“I got in my deer stand a little later than I wanted. I was still thankful just to be in the woods and listen to everything start to wake up. I had my eye on a pretty nice 8-pointer that I had on camera. With the recent health scares, I needed something uplifting. So I prayed that God would send me a buck. Boy did he deliver. He gave me two!” she said.

When the first buck walked out, Bolick wasted no time putting a bullet in it. She knows the bucks have only one thing in mind this time of year. And that thing doesn’t involve standing still for long periods.

“When the smaller 8-point walked out, I figured I better kill it while it stood still long enough. I made a good shot, and I heard him crash down the hill,” she said.

She stayed in the stand, hoping for another buck

Bolick sent a text to her husband letting him know she would need a little help dragging the deer out later. But she wasn’t ready to leave yet.

“I knew to stay in my stand because of the rut. Those boys have one thing on their mind. And sure enough, about 10 minutes after the first kill, I heard squirrels start squawking again,” she said.

The huntress focused on where the squirrels were raising cain. And that’s where she saw the buck she was hoping to see.

“I saw the nice 8-point that I had been after for two days. He walked from behind a tree. And with one shot, he was down too,” she said.

Bolick field dressed the two bucks, dragged them to the top of the hill, and took some photos. She entered her story in our Bag-A-Buck Contest.

“I’m just thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to hunt. Thankful to be able to put food on the table, and thankful to enjoy the beautiful outdoors,” she said.

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