CWD spread continues in NC

A hunter-harvested doe from Johnston County, NC was confirmed to have Chronic Wasting Disease.

NCWRC official confirm CWD in Johnston County

The NCWRC confirmed Chronic Wasting Disease has reached Johnston County, NC for the first time.

Testing on a 31/2-year-old doe was conducted after the deer was harvested in the county by a hunter during archery season.

Brad Howard, NCWRC’s Wildlife Management Division Chief, said detecting the disease in another county is disappointing, but also said it shows efforts to determine how widespread CWD has become in NC is working.

Howard said Johnston County will now be marked as a Primary County, where hunters generally must abide by more stringent rules when deer hunting. However, those rules will not be implemented this season.

“The realities of establishing rules and ensuring hunters are aware of the changes during an open hunting season are challenging. So the rules will not change for this season for Johnston County,” Howard said.

He hopes hunters in the county will make themselves familiar with NCWRC’s carcass transportation and disposal guidelines, which will be implemented next season.

Hunters are encouraged to learn more at

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