Kill coyotes, get paid — this weekend!


Bounty program pays hunters for all coyotes killed during C3

Hunters participating in the 8th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic this weekend have even more to look forward to. In this year’s contest, all coyotes carry a bounty, so each one killed earns money for the hunters.

John MacPherson of 704 Outdoors, which runs the C3, said the bounty program is possible for two reasons. One, the number of hunters signed up to participate this year has exceeded their expectations. And two, a sponsor came onboard to help out with the bounty. DNA Firearm Systems is ensuring that every harvested coyote earns a check. You can’t beat that!

In years past, only a handful of contestants walked away with prize money. But this year, every hunter that brings a coyote to weigh-in will cash in. It’s a testament to the growth of this popular tournament that is run out of Stanly County, N.C. with help from numerous sponsors, including

$3000 cash goes to Coyote Derby winning team

So what’s the amount of the bounty paid for each coyote? That still hasn’t been determined. It’s expected to grow as more hunters sign up. The payment for each coyote will be determined once registration closes. No matter how much the bounty is, what better way can hunters spend a February weekend than thinning out the coyote population in their area while getting paid to do it?

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The winning team of the Coyote Derby is guaranteed $3000 cash. The Fat Dog champion will receive a Predator Hunting Rifle package. A growing list of other prizes are also available.

The tournament runs from Friday through Sunday, Feb. 19 – 21. That’s this weekend, so be sure to get registered. You can register in person, through snail mail, or online.

Another significant change in this year’s contest is that hunters will not have to dispose of their own coyotes after weigh-in. Tournament organizers have arranged to have them taken care of in an environmentally-friendly way.

Aside from the bounty, great prizes await the winners of the Fat Dog (heaviest coyote killed during the event) category as well as the Coyote Derby (most ‘yotes killed during the event). For all the details, check out the Carolina Coyote Classic website.

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