Coyote Breeding Season is Here


Call ’em in

Coyote breeding season is upon us which means plenty of roaming coyotes looking for love. Interactions with calling is plentiful this time of year as coyotes call to each other looking for lonely mates. Subordinate coyotes will also come to calls silent, looking to steal a mate from other coyotes.

The key to calling coyotes right now is in your response to their vocals. Any barks in a response should elicit a challenge from you on the call. Any howl should be answered with excited yips or return howls. Matching a coyote’s level of aggression can easily bring in any coyote in the area that wants to take a look. Softer volume calls such as estrus chirps and actual mating calls can bring coyotes in those last dozen yards to present a shot.

Now is the time to be out in the field calling in numbers of coyotes looking to meet with other vocal coyotes.

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