Carolina Coyote Classic

424 coyotes killed during C3

It was another record-breaking year for the 10th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic, held Feb. 17 – 19. Hunters participating in the event killed the most coyotes, weighed in the most coyotes, and were awarded the biggest cash payout in the history of the tournament.

Coyote Derby winners

Taking first place was Team Red Lights made up of Ryan Borum, Nathaniel Brookbank and Jay Cox. They won a total of $2500 in cash for their pile of 27 coyotes. They also won the 1st Place Custom Carolina Coyote Classic Belt Buckles. The first night, high winds made the hunting tough and they killed eight coyotes. But they really stepped things up on Saturday night, adding 19 coyotes to their list.

In second place, Team Ranger consisting of Kyle Crickenberger, Jamie Terry and Tom Fuller killed a total of 26 coyotes. They won $1500 and received 2nd Place Custom Carolina Coyote Classic Belt Buckles.

The third place team of Team Logan, Josh, Alex won $1000 and 3rd Place Custom Carolina Coyote Classic Belt Buckles for their 24 coyotes. Team members were Alex Poole, Logan Jones and Josh Roop.

The Fat Dog portion of the contest was won by Team Huntersville Predator Control, made up of Roddy Rockholt and Kevin Turner.

Their 44.86-pound coyote earned them $750 cash, the 1st place trophy, plus a prize package.

Second place in the Fat Dog contest was Team Creepin and their 42.32-pound ‘yote. Team members Bud Ratliff, Anthony Taylor, Dustin Horne and Brian Stone won $450 cash and the 2nd place trophy, along with a prize package.

In third place with a 41.11-pound coyote was Team Reap, made up of Jonathan Chermak, Miles Barringer, Carl Cole and Justin Smith. They won $300 cash, the 3rd place trophy, and a prize package.

Side pots

Luke Hinson, Jonathan Sells and Josh Holbrook won the DNA Firearms Devil Dog Side Pot.

The Big Coyote Prize among participants in the Coyote Derby came down to a tiebreaker. Team Dirty Dogs won it with a 43.87-pound coyote.

Team Lynches River Mafia won the Big Female side pot with their 37.14 pound female. They pocketed $400 cash for the ‘yote.

Team Dirty Dogs took the Little Coyote side pot with a 23.14-pound coyote. They won a Porta Climb Treestands Cadillac Climber.

Event organizer John MacPherson of 704 Outdoors was excited about the outcome of the 10th rendition of this event.

“I’m still amazed at what this tournament has grown to. The 10th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic was everything we hoped it would be,” he said. “We couldn’t do it without the hunters and our great sponsors.”

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