Trapper Tackle introduces revolutionary hook

Traditional J hooks have inherent flaws that Trapper Tackle believes they have solved with the Trapper Hook.

Square-angled hook wins ICAST top award in terminal tackle category

Many anglers aren’t aware of a trade show called ICAST that takes place every year, but they definitely benefit from what happens there. ICAST stands for International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, and this is the event where tackle manufacturers introduce their new products to the media and to buyers of tackle stores.

This year’s ICAST was held earlier this month in Orlando, and as is the case each year, some innovative new products stole the spotlight. These products will show up in stores soon, and will likely be in your tackle box before the end of the year.

Media members vote on ICAST’s “Best of Show” awards in a number of categories, and while familiar brand names are usually the recipients of many of these awards, one first-time exhibitor won that award in its category, and it’s a product that most anglers can appreciate and are likely to try.

Trapper Tackle, a newcomer to the tackle industry is changing the way we look at fishing’s most common product – the fishing hook.

While circle hooks and treble hooks were fairly eyebrow-raising modifications of the basic fish hook, Trapper Tackle takes a leap from the basic shape of any hook we’ve ever seen. It abandons the curved section between the shaft and the barb, opting instead for a rectangular section with 90-degree angles. It’s quite a strange shape for a fishing hook, and the company said it increases hook sets while decreasing lost fish.

“Two problems plague every angler. Baits and lures sliding up or down the hook, and fish come unhooked before they are landed. Trapper Tackle has addressed those problems with a patented design feature,” said the company.

“Traditional J hooks have a pivot point that tends to rock back and forth, tearing and slicing bigger holes that make them easier to throw. Trapper hooks are squared at the bottom, which means they don’t rotate or pivot like traditional hooks, making them very difficult for fish to throw. Our hooks not only hold fish better, they also hold lures and baits in place better, ensuring perfect presentations and significantly reducing the number of time you have to adjust or re-rig your bait,” the company’s website said.

The company offers Trapper Hooks in several different styles and sizes to accommodate different lure types. Click here to find out more about Trapper Tackle’s award-winning hook.

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