Star Brite Premium Restorer Wax

Winterize your boat — even the exterior

If you’re putting your boat away for the winter, you’re probably planning to winterize all the moving parts in the engine and fuel system.

Why not use the downtime to give the exterior a pick-me-up?

That’s where Star Brite’s Premium Restorer Wax enters the picture. Instead of a long process of rubbing, wet sanding and polishing to remove oxidation and restore the hull’s sparkle, Premium Restorer Wax safely removes medium to heavy oxidation when applied by hand or with a buffer.

Premium Restorer Wax will clean, seal and protect a boat’s gel coat, and annual applications will keep the boat looking its best.

Star Brite Premium Restorer Wax comes in 16-ounce bottles.

MSRP is $20.49.

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