SCS: the right choice for us

The first issue of South Carolina Sportsman marks another beginning for Louisiana Publishing — the creation of a third magazine to serve the interests of Southern anglers and hunters. The journey began with the publication of a small fishing-reports newsletter for friends and neighbors at Grand Isle, La., created by Allen Lottinger of Luling, La.

Twenty-five years later, Louisiana Sportsman is the mothership of regional outdoors magazines, a gigantic 300-page monthly that covers the Sportsman’s Paradise. For the past dozen years, it’s been complemented by the ever-growing North Carolina Sportsman magazine.

We believe we’ve found a formula that works — to provide in-state readers with the best information about topics ranging from albacore to zebra mussels.

We’ve never been interested in filling our editorial space with stories about peacock bass fishing in San Salvador or shooting water buffalo in Zimbabwe. If that’s what trips your trigger, don’t bother with us.

But if you want to know where, how and when to catch the biggest catfish at Santee-Cooper during the spring, slab crappie at Wylie during December, hunting wily gobblers at Sumter National Forest in the spring or bagging the biggest bucks in Aiken County in the fall — and fantastic recipes to prepare any type of fish or game — give South Carolina Sportsman a try.

Like our Louisiana and North Carolina editions, SCS will offer:

• The latest information by top S.C. guides and anglers revealing the best fishing spots in the state;

• Columns by expert outdoorsmen/writers with advice (including where to go that month) to land a big fish, down a trophy buck, prepare tasty wild-game meals or basic topics such as how to back a trailer or tie a no-slip knot.

• Features by S.C.’s most-respected outdoor writers.

• Newsbreakers that will offer late-breaking stories about the top game and fish accomplishments of S.C. sportsmen.

• A web site — — with real-time information and stories.

Wanna see your name and photo in print? Just bag a big buck or catch a trophy fish and send the information and a photo to us. We want Low Country and Upcountry sportsmen to forget about being on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone — send us a clear photo of you and your trophy, and perhaps get on the cover of the Sportsman.

Starting South Carolina Sportsman, for us, is kind of like finding a long-lost brother. The Palmetto State is one of the few in America with outdoor opportunities to rival those in Louisiana and North Carolina. We intend to help you discover nooks and crannies of the state you may have overlooked.

Like a Miss America contest, other states were in the running to be featured as our next magazine.

We know we made a beautiful choice.

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Craig Holt of Snow Camp has been an outdoor writer for almost 40 years, working for several newspapers, then serving as managing editor for North Carolina Sportsman and South Carolina Sportsman before becoming a full-time free-lancer in 2009.

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