Anglers catching quality wahoo in SC Wahoo Series

SC Wahoo Series
Branch Office weighed in this 60+ pound wahoo on March 1 during the 2020 SC Wahoo Series.

Haint Blue’s 68.8-pound wahoo is biggest of series so far

The wahoo fishing gets cranked up in late winter/early spring off South Carolina’s coast, and anglers have been catching plenty of them in the 2020 SC Wahoo Series. This fishing tournament lasts Feb. 7 through April 25 in an angler-friendly format that allows a team to choose three days of fishing. The field has 153 teams this year, and they’ve combined for lots of fish so far.

Haint Blue drew first blood in the series, weighing in a 68.8-pound wahoo on Feb. 9. They pocketed an early $500 for being first of the series to weigh a fish. On the same day, Nonsense put a 57.7 pounder on the scales.

Ginja Ninja was next to weigh a fish. They brought a 37.9-pound wahoo back to port on Feb. 12.

On Feb. 23, FreeSpool/American Aquatic checked in with a 49.9 pounder. It was the biggest of multiple wahoo they caught on the day.

March 1 was a big day for the tournament. Branch Office weighed a 60.4 pound fish. Reel High brought a 52.8-pound wahoo in, Reel Catch hung a 52 pounder on the scale, and Stanglehold weighed in with a 46 pounder. Fishmiester caught a 44.5, and Old Red came in with a 35.3 pounder. BOB-O checked in with one at 31.3 pounds, My Best Mate weighed a 17.6-pound wahoo, and Floor Play’s fish tipped the scales at 14.7 pounds.

Some boats have fished two out of their three days

Cast Off fished on March 2 and put in a sold showing with a 48.1-pound wahoo.

Ten teams fished on March 9. 100% Cotton caught a 64.8-pound stud. Game Hawg put a 46.8 on the scales, and Reel Pipes boated a 34.6 pounder. She Agreed checked in with a 32.

On March 13, Curb Diem caught a 44.3 pounder. On the 15th, Full Hookups put a 45.7 pounder on the scale. War Bird also boated a fish for 35.1 pounds.

Haint Blue’s 68.8 pound wahoo set the pace early, and is still the biggest fish of the 2020 SC Wahoo Series.

March 17 saw Stray Dog bring a 53.1 pound wahoo to the dock. Reel High put a 35.4-pound wahoo on the scales, and Reelist weighed in a 43.2, followed by Lost Bills with a 35.4 and Killin Time’s 25 pounder.

Spurs Up weighed in a 41.1-pound wahoo on March 19. Salty Jenn II put a 54.4 pounder on the scales, and MICABE weighed a 34.4-pound fish.

GATA brought a 24-pounder back to the docks on March 21.

On March 24, Rainmaker Fishing Charters weighed in a 42.5 pounder. Gross Tonnage topped the day with a 56.7-pound wahoo. Free Spool/American Aquatic put their second fish of the tournament on the leaderboard, a 48.4 pounder to go with their 49.9 from Feb. 23. Ginja Ninja was the hot boat, going 5 for 5, including a 45.3 pounder, their second fish of the series. That Crowd weighed a 31.1-pound wahoo.

Grand prize is $35,000

The format of the SC Wahoo Series levels the playing field for anglers with boats of all sizes. Teams pick three days to fish, and can weigh in a maximum of one wahoo each day. The series champion will go to the boat with the highest two-fish aggregate weight. Boats can leave from any marina, and can weigh in at one of three marinas by 12 p.m. the day after fishing.

Check for full rules and other information. Like their Facebook page to get daily updates on which teams are fishing, and who’s weighing in. The tournament pays 11 places, with $35,000 going to first place.

A mahi tournament with a similar format begins May 3 and runs through May 30. Click here to find out more about the SC Mahi Series.

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