Maluna: coolers without hinges

Maluna: coolers without hinges

The seal is the deal.

That’s what Scott Hoyt, an expert in thermodynamics, discovered when he set out to build a better cooler, just introduced under the Maluna brand.

“The seal on the lid is the most important part of a cooler,” he said. “Heat acts a lot like electricity or water. It seeks the path of least resistance and can enter through even the smallest opening.”

And two of those openings were around the hinges on coolers — even high quality ones. So he eliminated them, making Maluna coolers “unhinged.”

Four rubber tensioning straps — two on the back wall and two on the front — create a much better seal to keep heat out and cold in. Hoyt said tests show his coolers outperform industry leaders by 23 percent.

Another great feature is a thermometer built into the rotomolded cooler’s drain plug, which shows the internal temperature to the outside world. A test cooler, filled with ice and vegetables on a Friday, showed an interior temperature of 39.4 degrees the following Tuesday.

Maluna coolers sit on non-slip feet that keep it from sliding around in your pickup or on the deck of your boat.

Unhinged Maluna coolers come in 40-, 50-, 70- and 111-quart models, with MSRPs between $269 and $449.

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