Sheepshead – winter’s saving grace

February can be a brutal month for anglers in the Carolinas, but one fish that is available year-round and bites well during cold weather is sheepshead. They are in our inshore waters as well as around nearshore and offshore reefs this time of year. […]


Shank a harbor sheepshead

Anglers looking for something a little different will find it along the Charleston Harbor jetties and bridge pilings this month. It’s a great time for sheepshead fishing. […]

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Cranka Crab

Sheepshead fishing is part fun, part frustration, and one of the frustrations comes from the fish’s ability to steal your bait before you know it. The main bait of choice among sheepshead anglers is a live fiddler crab. And catching the crabs, keeping them alive, and constantly rebaiting with them is no fun, and it’s time-consuming. […]


Beaufort sheepshead set to bite

It’s a tough fish to catch, but the rewards –– both in fun and table fare — are definitely worth wetting a line for sheepshead, and the inshore waters of Beaufort, S.C., are full of these toothy bait stealers. […]