You could still win the CCA STAR tournament

CCA SC will hold a drawing among registered participants to declare the winner of the Sea Hunt boat package.

CCA SC will draw a winner for the Sea Hunt boat

If you signed up for the 2019 CCA South Carolina STAR tournament, you still have a chance to win big. The tournament ran from Memorial Day to Labor Day. But because no registered angler caught a tagged redfish during that time, the boat package is still up for grabs.

Some tagged fish were caught during that timeframe, but none of the anglers who caught those fish had signed up for the tournament. So CCA SC will now hold a drawing to determine the winner.

Everyone who participated in the event is eligible to win. CCA will announce the date of the drawing some time next week. Then, they will choose a winner from everyone who registered.

The prize boat package, which includes a Sea Hunt BX 22 BR bay boat, a Yamaha outboard, and a WESCO trailer, is valued at more than $40,000.

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