The secret to catching winter redfish and trout


Distance from the bank is one key to catching winter redfish and trout

Redfish and speckled trout are fairly cooperative targets during the winter months. But one mistake many anglers make is they fish for these species with the same techniques as they do in the summer. But these fish don’t act the same 12 months a year.

During the summer, many anglers cast as close to the bank as possible, similar to what many bass anglers do. It works during warm months because redfish and trout stay closer to the banks than they do this time of year. But in the winter, those fish are farther off the banks. So the anglers that keep on using their summer approach during winter are sitting directly over the fish while casting toward the banks, where the fish aren’t.

Capt. Charlie shows us what it’s all about in this video, that’s chock full of winter fishing tips that will help you put more fish in the boat this time of year.


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