February’s Best Bets

Stewart Venable’s best fishing day on a river came during the winter of 2016, after he pulled into the mouth of a tributary creek on the Catawba River to eat lunch and saw bait flipping.

North Carolina

What:  Largemouth bass, striped bass

Where: Catawba River, upper end of Lake Norman.

Techniques: Fan-cast Alabama rigs with Keitech 4.3-inch baits in Tennessee Shad. Look for fish along seams or in calm areas downstream from large, rock outcroppings in heavy current.

Launch: Lookout Shoals Ramp, 4750 Lookout Dam Rd., Catawba, N.C., provides access to the Lookout Shoals Dam tailrace and the river below it.

Insider Tip: Pay attention to water releases when fishing below Lookout Shoals Dam, currents can become treacherous with little warning. Always wear your PFD.

South Carolina

What: Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, striped bass,

Where: Congaree River near Columbia, at confluence with any medium to large tributary

Techniques: Fish spinnerbaits with big, Colorado blades or large, paddletail swimbaits slow and deep. Look for stained areas.

Launch: The Congaree has three public launch sites around Columbia: Barney Jordan, Bates Bridge and Thomas H. Newman.

Insider Tip: Shad do not die off as much the further south you go; paddlers can take advantage of shad kills longer. Pay attention to the water and your surroundings. Fish will continue to school on bait.

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Phillip Gentry of Waterloo, S.C., is an avid outdoorsman and said if it swims, flies, hops or crawls, he's usually not too far behind.

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