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black drum
The black drum bite is hot in the Outer Banks area this month.

Black drum are consistent at Outer Banks throughout March

Black drum are one of the most active fish species at the Outer Banks in March, according to Capt. Tanner Lynk of Noah’s Ark Charters out of Harkers Island.

And for the past few years, these fish have stayed constant throughout winter, and picked up even stronger when March arrives.

Lynk (252-723-7414) said shallow water with any type of structure will produce black drum here this month.

“Cut bait is tough to beat for black drum any time of year, and March is no exception,” he said. “Fishing in shallow water around docks, sunken debris, rock piles, and really any type of structure, is a good bet. And we’ll catch some redfish and speckled trout in the same areas. But if you’re specifically targeting black drum, you can increase your chances of hooking them by casting as tight to structure as possible,” he said.

Shell mounds are also good areas to target, especially when the tide is moving in one direction or the other.

“Slack tide is almost always the toughest time to fish. As long as the tide is incoming or outgoing, these fish will bite readily,” he said.

Skip the Carolina rig

While many anglers employ a Carolina rig to catch inshore fish like black drum, Lynk said he prefers to fish his cut bait on a 1/8-ounce jighead. When the current is especially strong, he’ll bump it up to 1/4-ounce jighead.

“With other species in play, it’s just easier to remove a chunk of cut bait and put a soft plastic onto a jighead quickly. And jigheads work just fine with cut bait. You’ll also be able to cast more accurately and more easily with a jighead than with a Carolina rig,” he said.

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