Apache Pier king mackerel fishing report for June

Apache Pier
Apache Pier is one of the hottest fishing spots in the Carolinas so far this summer.

It’s one of the hottest king mackerel spots in the Carolinas

For the past several years, Apache Pier in Myrtle Beach has produced the most consistent king mackerel fishing throughout the late spring/summer months. The year 2020 is no exception. As of June 22, anglers at Apache have caught 16 1/2 king mackerel in the month of June so far.

A shark made off with half of what would have been number 17.

Fabian Melendez started things off for the season on June 9. He caught Apache’s first king mackerel of the year, a 24.20-pound fish.

The pier awarded Melendez with a 1-year king mackerel fishing pass for landing the first one of the season. This is a tradition at Apache Pier.

Apache Pier
Fabian Melendez started things off for Apache Pier’s 2020 king mackerel season with this 24.20-pound fish.

Melendez caught his king with a typical two-rod system. One rod was holding the anchor line; the other was holding the bait. When the king swiped up the bait, that line released from the anchor line and the fight was on.

Very shortly after Melendez wrestled his king to the planks, the second one of the day (and year) bit a Gotcha plug for angler Chase Hinkle. He was casting the plug, a typical Spanish mackerel lure, from near the dance floor on the pier with a 2500-series spinning reel.

Apache Pier
Chase Hinkle caught the second king mackerel of 2020 off Apache Pier while casting a Gotcha plug.

The next day, Alan Sharlow caught the third king mackerel of 2020 from Apache. His fish weighed 33.65 pounds. This stands as the largest to date from the pier for 2020.

Apache Pier
Alan Sharlow shows off his king mackerel from June 10, the third king of 2020 for the pier. The 33.65 pounder is the biggest for the pier so far in 2020.

The kings keep coming at Apache Pier

On June 12, Logan Thorpe got in on the king mackerel action. He caught king number four with a 14.5-pound fish. Thorpe also caught a huge Spanish mackerel on that day.

Apache Pier
Logan Thorpe got in on the action on June 12 with this king mackerel.

Eric Moore pitched in with another king on June 13. His fish was the fifth one taken on the pier this year. It tipped the scales at 27.05 pounds.

Eric Moore caught Apache Pier’s fifth king of the year on June 13, 2020.

The trend continued for the pier on June 14, when Kurt Waters caught the sixth king of the year. His fish weighed 22.9 pounds.

Kurt Waters caught his 22+ pound king mackerel on June 14, 2020.

It was Dave Tompkins’ turn on June 20. He caught number seven for the pier, a 25.5-pound king mackerel. And Tompkins wasn’t done. A short while later, he caught his second king of the day, number eight for Apache Pier. This one weighed 23.10 pounds.

Apache Pier
Dave Tompkins caught Apache Pier’s seventh and eighth king mackerel of 2020 on the same day.

Another angler, William Martinez, caught the pier’s ninth of the year on June 20. This fish was a 32.9-pound monster.

The ninth king mackerel of the year for Apache Pier was this 32.9-pound beast caught by William Martinez.

The kings weren’t finished for the day. As evening came on, Everette Parsons caught the pier’s fourth of the day, and 10th of the year. His fish tipped the scales at 19.5 pounds.

Everette Parsons caught the 10th king of Apache’s 2020 season with this fish.

Then, before night took over, Jon Trull landed a 23.65-pound king mackerel. That made number 11 for the year, and number five for the day.

Jon Trull (right), planked number 11 for Apache Pier with this king mackerel.

And the kings still weren’t through for that day

Fabian Melendez, who we mentioned earlier catching the first king of the year from Apache, struck again. Or at least he did his part. He had the pier’s 12th king of 2020 on the line, but as he was reeling the fish in, a shark bit the mackerel in half. Melendez landed his half, pushing the pier’s stats to 11.5 kings for 2020.

Apache Pier
Fabian Melendez had to share this nice king mackerel with a shark, adding 1/2 a fish to Apache Pier’s total for 2020.

On June 21, Doug Jones put number 12.5 year-to-date on the pier. His king mackerel weighed 13.95 pounds.

Doug Jones got in on the action with this king mackerel.

A little later in the day, David Bailey caught number 13.5 for the year, and his first ever king mackerel. This one weighed 12.6 pounds, another perfect eater.

David Bailey decked Apache Pier’s 13th king mackerel of 2020 (and his first ever) on June 21.

Next up, also on June 21 was repeat angler William Martinez. He caught his second of the year, and Apache Pier’s number 14.5 with a 25.95 pounder shortly after Bailey reeled in his catch.

Apache Pier
The 14th king mackerel of the season at Apache Pier was caught by William Martinez.

King bite expected to last for quite some time at Apache Pier

And shortly after Martinez planked his fish, Nick Knotts joined Bailey in the “First Ever” club, landing his first king and the pier’s 15 1/2 for the year. His fish weighed 14.3 pounds.

Apache Pier
Nick Knotts caught his first ever king mackerel, and the pier’s 15th for 2020, on June 21.

The hot bite continued on the 21st with Jason Milam hooking up in the evening. His 18.15-pound king mackerel pushes the pier’s total to 16 1/2 so far in 2020.

Jason Milam’s 18+ pounder is the 16th caught from Apache Pier this season.

And king mackerel aren’t the only fish biting at Apache Pier. The Spanish mackerel bite has also been steaming hot, with lots of huge ones landed. Black drum are also biting well on some days. Flounder, croaker, and sheepshead are all in the mix as well.

Apache Pier is currently open from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight and is located at 9700 Kings Road in Myrtle Beach. Their phone number is 843-497-6486.

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