How do you feel about fishing around aquatic weeds?

Aquatic vegetation definitely holds fish, like this big bass caught among this thick grass.

What about sunken fish attractors?

Fishing around aquatic vegetation has always been a bit of a two-way street for anglers. On one hand, the shade and cover hold fish, but on the other hand, the vegetation can foul lures and trolling motors.

And artificial fish attractors, like sunken Christmas trees and manufactured cover, are much the same way. Everyone knows they hold fish, but they also cause headaches when snagging your lures.

What is your opinion on fish attractors and aquatic weeds? The Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society (SDAFS) would like to know.

The SDAFS is asking current and former anglers to respond to a short survey that will help them get a feel for what anglers find most helpful in  fishing situations.

In the past several years, staff members of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources have placed hundreds of natural and artificial structures throughout many lakes, park ponds, and other waterways throughout both states. They’ve also established, re-established, and in some cases killed off aquatic vegetation in public waters.

Anglers can complete the survey online, and they can do it anonymously. It takes about 15 minutes and can be reached by clicking here. The results will be compiled and shared with wildlife and fisheries agencies across the south.

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