N.C.’s Delayed Harvest trout waters open Oct. 1

Anglers must release all trout caught between Oct. 1 and June 5, 2020 when fishing Delayed Harvest Trout Waters.

Delayed Harvest regulations run Oct. 1 through June 5

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will implement Delayed Harvest Trout Waters regulations on 36 trout waters in 20 western North Carolina counties on Oct. 1.

Under Delayed Harvest Trout Waters regulations, no trout can be harvested or possessed from these waters between Oct. 1 and one half-hour after sunset on June 5, 2020. No natural bait may be possessed. Anglers can fish only with artificial lures with one single hook. An artificial lure is defined as a fishing lure that neither contains nor has been treated with any substance that attracts fish by the sense of taste or smell.

The NCWRC stocks Delayed Harvest Trout Waters from fall through spring with high densities of trout. The stockings increase anglers’ chances of catching fish. Delayed Harvest Trout Waters are posted with diamond-shaped, black-and-white signs. Anglers who enjoy catch-and-release trout fishing make these popular fishing destinations.

The Commission reminds anglers fishing Delayed Harvest Trout Waters to help prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species. These include whirling disease, gill lice and didymo. Anglers can lessen their chance of spreading these by…

Cleaning equipment of all aquatic plants and animals and mud.
​Draining water from boat, live wells and equipment.
Drying equipment thoroughly.​
Never moving fish, plants or other organisms from one body of water to another.

For a complete list of Delayed Harvest Trout Waters, stocking dates, information on regulations and trout fishing maps, visit the Commission’s trout fishing page.


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