Hazel Creek trout fishing with Wild Fly Productions

Hazel Creek is a great adventure with great fishing

One of the most unique fishing destinations in the Carolinas is Hazel Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains. Home to wild trout populations, it’s a remote area that requires hiking in. And camping there for at least two or three days is the best way to experience it.

Even before hiking in, this trip requires a boat ride across Fontana Lake. During your trip, you’re likely to see the remains of a once thriving mining and logging community. The town was cut off and abandoned when Fontana Lake was formed.

Trout anglers from all over consider Hazel Creek to be a “bucket list” fishing excursion. It’s one of the most remote, wildest, and scenic streams in the southeast. It’s home to wild brown, rainbow, and brook trout.

The folks with Wild Fly Productions took a trip there and made a three-part video series called 5 Miles Out. This is part one of the series.

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