Summertime bream fishing on the Pee Dee River

Pee Dee River is a hotspot for bream

With so many new gadgets available to anglers these days, it’s still tough to beat a good ole bream fishing trip, and the Pee Dee River is a great place to do it. Capt. Buster Rush has guided clients for a variety of fish species on numerous waterways in the Carolinas.

But in this video, he employed one of his long-time friends to show him what fishing on the Pee Dee for bluegill is all about. They use ultralight rods and reels, and fish with slip corks to make casting their live crickets under tree branches easy.

This is the type of fishing that most of us started out doing. But along the way, many of us have moved away from it in pursuit of other fish, never returning to our roots. This video will make you long to get back to it.

For more videos from Rush and his son, click here.


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