Frabill’s Trophy Haul Net series

The first connection between fish and angler — the hook and knot — is tremendously important, and so, it seems, is the final connection: the net.

Frabill debuted its Trophy Haul Net series this spring, with several features that should thrill all fishermen: an oversized, triangle-shaped handle that won’t slip or spin out of your hand, a big net bag constructed of Frabill’s patented Conservation netting that will make it easier to control and land fish, and a net bag control ring that gives anglers complete control of the net during landing.

In addition, the Power Extend Trophy Haul Net has a three-stage LED light mounted under the yoke handle to provide illumination during low-light fishing situations.

The Standard and Power Extend nets come in three different net sizes: 18”x21”, 21”x24” and 24”x27”. The Standard net comes with a 48-inch handle; the Power Extend net has a telescopic handle that extends from 48 to 72 inches.

MSRP for the Standard net is $79.99, for the Power Extend, $129.99.

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