Clenzoil Marine & Tackle 12-ounce aerosol

Finally, a product you can use to clean and protect not only your fishing tackle, but also your outboard motor and other metal features on your fishing vessel.

Clenzoil Marine & Tackle comes in a 12-ounce, aerosol can, and with as many things as it can be used to clean and protect, that might not last long.

Use it to clean, lubricate and protect reels, tools, engines and other equipment that is exposed to the environment. It can remove oils, dirt, old grease and leaves a thin, non-greasy coating that prevents rust and corrosion on engine blocks, hose clamps, locks, latches, hinges, down riggers and moving parts on trailers. Clenzoil Marine & Tackle will also preserve and protect wood accents on boats.

MSRP is $17.99

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