Christmas gifts for anglers

PFDs, tackle boxes of all kinds, reels, line and jigheads only scratch the surface when it comes to Christmas shopping for a saltwlater angler’s stocking stuffers.

Stocking stuffers to big-ticket items, we’ll take anything we can get

What do anglers want for Christmas? Fishing gear, of course!

Luckily, fishing gifts are available in all shapes, sizes and price points. So whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or the main gift for your favorite angler, you can find a perfect one.

The following gifts are suitable as stocking stuffers, but they can also be wrapped up under the tree or set out as gifts from Santa Claus himself.

Lures are great choices for stocking stuffers, and one sure to be a hit is the Double Plopper from River2Sea Lures. A cousin of the Whopper Plopper, the Double Plopper has two buzzing segments; it’s designed more like a buzzbait than a topwater plug. It’s available in two sizes. For info,

Fishing line is another good stocking stuffer. Braid is always a welcome addition to any angler’s reels, and PowerPro Super8Slick is a premium braid that’s marketed as the smoothest, softest, longest-casting line ever made by PowerPro. It’s available in a range of sizes from 10-pound test all the way up to 80-pound test. Visit

Slime Line is a top-notch monofilament and one of the newer brands on the market. This North Carolina-based company boasts a strong following among crappie and catfish anglers, and it is gaining a following among inshore anglers as well. The line is available in a range of sizes, and in two colors — ultra clear and high visibility slime green, which almost glows. Check out

Jigheads fit nicely in stockings, and ProBuilt Jigs are premium American-made essentials that will be a welcome addition to any inshore angler’s tackle bag. The holographic eyes stand out and give gamefish a definite target. They are available with standard hooks or sickle hooks, many different colors, and range in size from 1/64- on up to 1/4-ounce.

Z-Man Trout Eye jigheads are another great option. With large 3D eyes and super sharp hooks, these jigheads are available with or without a weed guard and are available in weights from 3/16- to 1/4-ounce. For info,

Storing stuff

Every angler needs more tackle storage, and they’ll be thrilled with Lure Lock’s tackle boxes. Each tackle box has its own Elastak Liner, which is a very tacky gel material that holds lures securely enough that you can turn a box full of fishing lures upside down with the lid open, and not a single lure will fall out. But when you want a lure, it comes right out without any sticky material on it.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, Lure Lock tackle boxes come with removable dividers, making each one expandable from three to 16 compartments. Visit

The Fishpond Summit Sling is a sling bag with tons of storage option for anglers on the go. With room for everything from small tackle boxes to pliers, line spools, shades, and even spare reels, this bag is right at home on the boat deck or around an angler’s shoulder for an on-the-foot fishing excursion. With numerous pockets (some zippered, some unzippered), and multiple attachment points, this bag will quickly become a favorite accessory for your favorite angler. See

Reel ‘em in

You can never go wrong by gifting a quality spinning reel to any angler, and the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ will put a Christmas smile on any angler’s face. Available in a 1000 size for targeting everything from spots to specks, on up to a 4000 for battling big redfish, these reels are corrosion resistant, extremely lightweight, super strong and silky smooth.

Shimano’s Tranx 200 is another great gift idea. Available in a 200 size for the first time, this reel is built for the rigors of saltwater and is small enough and light enough to make casting Super Spooks, Trout Tricks, D.O.A. Shrimp, Redfish Magic lures, or live bait easy and enjoyable for any angler. Available in three different gear ratios, the Tranx 200 sports 13 pounds of maximum drag, which will make quick work of everything from sheepshead to bull redfish. For info,

Stayin’ alive

Mustang Survival Elite 28K Inflatable Life Jacket, available at West Marine. Is there a better gift than safety and peace of mind? This vest is comfortable enough that anglers will want to wear it. It’s unobtrusive and lightweight, providing great mobility and safety. The vest inflates automatically when under water pressure, so no worries of ocean spray or rainwater activating it.

Peace of mind comes from the bright fluorescent inflation cell for visibility, a higher buoyancy rating than other PFDs, and two fail-safes — a backup oral inflation tube and a pull handle that’s tucked out of the way but easily accessible. It’s great for kayak anglers or boat-bound anglers alike. You might need to get a bigger stocking to stuff this one in, but anything that can save a life is worth it.

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