Bumping the bottom for winter enjoyment

Triggerfish are among the more catchable targets for winter fishermen who bounce baits off the ocean floor.

Deer season is over, the weather is cold and the days are short.

What is a sportsman to do?

How about dropping some bait to the bottom of the ocean, maybe wiggle it a little, and hold on as you try to wrestle a bottom-dwelling critter from his underwater lair?

A host of bottomfish like triggerfish, big blackfish and porgies await anglers who aren’t bothered by cooler temperatures and are determined enough to wait for breaks in the weather so they can get back to fishing.

Capt. Mark Brown has been running bottom-fishing charters out of Charleston since 1987, and he has several hot winter spots marked on his GPS. His 45-foot custom-built sportfisher, Teaser 2, is outfitted with twin Lugger diesels, specialty engines from the west coast that are designed to run smoothly in cold weather.
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