Bubba PRO Series Electric Fillet Knife

The folks who brought you the Bubba Blade, a top-drawer electric fillet knife, have gone a step further with an updated, improved version, the PRO Series Electric Fillet Knife.

The redesign includes a heavy duty drive system, aluminum alloy housing, superior ergonomics and a brushless motor for longer-lasting power output.

In addition, the carrying case has been upgraded to a hard-sided shell with a textured, non-slip grip.

A secondary replacement battery and a charging cord come with the package.

The PRO Series knife comes in three blade lengths — 7, 8 and 12 inches — and in either FLEX or STIFF styles. Blades are high-carbon stainless steel, coasted with titanium-nitride for extreme corrosion resistance.

For more info, visit:  bubba.com

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