Battery-powered submersible lights make flounder gigging quieter, more enjoyable

Hydro Glow offers a line of submersible, battery-powered lights that erase the need for noisy generators when flounder gigging and night fishing.

Hydro Glow makes generators obsolete for flounder gigging, night fishing

In the early days of flounder gigging, participants were just about bound to a boat, and while plenty of fish have been gigged from boats, lots of flounder tucked themselves away in areas of water that were only inches deep, safe from the drone of the generators that were necessary to power the lights used for gigging. But that was before companies like Hydro Glow came on the scene and made things much easier for flounder gigging.

If you wanted to wade and gig in those days, your best bet was to modify an old inner tube with enough support to hold a car battery which was used to power your gigging light. These days, submersible lights that are much more powerful can be powered with four AA batteries. The lights are entirely self-contained, handheld, and are lighter than gigs.

Instead of a boat or a modified inner tube, flounder gigging can now be done with three simple and lightweight pieces of gear. The gig, the light, and a stringer are all that’s needed to have a field day in even the shallowest of water. This means you can wade through areas that boats can’t reach, and find flounder that you’d never be able to gig the old fashioned way, and a lot more comfortably than hauling an inner tube with a car battery around.

Hydro Glow offers two lights for gigging while wading. Their 5 watt LED wading light has plenty of power packed into a lightweight and slender pole, and is powered by four AA batteries. The 10 watt wading light is a little bit longer and produces 10 watts of power, also from four AA batteries. Both lights are the perfect size for gigging while wading, and they both feature a lanyard to wrap around your wrist or shoulder, allowing you the freedom to thread your latest flounder onto your stringer.

The LED technology used in these wading lights is not all that’s offered by Hydro Glow. Whether you like to fish at night, gig for flounder, or shoot fish with a bow, and whether you want to do it while wading, from a boat, or while on the dock, Hydro Glow has you covered.

Their SeaFloor Series of lights are used by dock fishermen who add a small anchor to the light, then lower it to the bottom, lighting up the area to attract fish. These models are powered by 120 volts A/C.

Hydro Glow also offers several lights for using from a boat that can be tied off at the desired depth, or lowered to the bottom. These lights are powered by a 12 volt battery.

Hydro Glow even has submersible lights designed specifically for ice fishing, so if you’re headed north next winter or have fishing friends up that way, check out their ice fishing lights too.

No matter which light you choose, or what your method of fishing is, you don’t need a generator anymore. Hydro Glow lights are all battery powered or powered by the A/C on your dock. This makes for a much quieter, greener, and more pleasant fishing experience. Visit to see which submersible fishing lights suit your style of fishing.

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