The San Diego double jam knot

The San Diego double jam knot is preferred by drop-shot fishermen who use fluorocarbon line with their drop-shot rigs. While the Palomar knot sometimes breaks when tied with fluorocarbon, the San Diego double jam knot has had no known breakage issues. It has a knot test strength of 94 percent compared to 91 percent for the Palomar knot.

The following instructions explain how to tie a San Diego double jam knot.

Step 1: Double your line and pinch it where you double it. Pass the doubled line through the eyelet of the hook, leaving several inches of tag. Double back over the double main line running the double tag parallel to the double main line and pinch together about an inch above the eyelet.

Step 2: Wrap around the four lines five to seven times. When you finish wrapping, pass the double line between the double line near the eyelet.

Step 3: Grab the double tag end and bring it through the first loop created when you began wrapping down. This is why the knot is often referred to as a reverse clinch knot. It’s like tying a clinch knot in reverse with the line doubled.

Step 4: Moisten the lines and pull the loop, tag end, and main line simultaneously to tighten the knot against the eyelet.

Tip: The pinched lines should be held with two fingers while the wrapping is done with other fingers used to control the abundance of line.

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