Freshwater Fishing

Pick on winter pickerel

Growing up watching TV fishing shows on the weekend was an experience in itself. However, with everyone bass fishing around home, it always seemed strange when anglers would head north and talk of pike and muskie.


Inshore Fishing

The Egret Wedgetail Eel

When Cowboy Outdoors decided to make a big, wedge-tailed soft-plastic artificial lure strictly a saltwater bait, speckled trout fishermen along the country’s coast benefitted big time.



Understanding Navspeak

Looking through an owner’s manual for a new GPS navigation unit, I was surprised at how much the manual assumed I already knew. Some of the terminology was so poorly explained I don’t know how a newcomer to GPS navigation would figure it all out.


Other Hunting

Top canine noses belong to beagles

The lineage of beagles extends to Greece, in the fifth century B.C., where a small hound that hunted hares and was followed on foot was mentioned in “Treatise on Hunting”, but England is the modern beagle’s country of origin. 


Hog Hunting

Hog harvest crosses county lines

As part of the annual deer hunter survey, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources asks deer hunters to provide information on their wild-hog harvesting activities because so many animals are taken incidental to deer hunting.