Tagged hybrid program continues

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s decision to replace striped bass with hybrid bass in Lake Norman has paid off for guide Bob Curan.

Fishing for hybrid bass aka Bodie bass, at Lake Norman is not only rewarding in itself, but it could actually pay off in cash.

In December 2015, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission began a hybrid bass tagging program on Lake Norman, Commission paying fishermen $100 for catching and reporting tagged hybrids.

To receive the reward, fishermen had to provide the following information:

• Retain the orange tag and tag number;

• Indicate the date of catch and if the fish was kept or released;

• Tell whether live bait or artificial lures were used to catch the fish;

• Tell the location of the catch in respect to a nearby landmark;

• Indicate if the fish was caught from a boat or from the shore.

After recording the information, fishermen should report the tagged hybrid to Corey Oakley, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, at 919-214-1095 or by emailing corey.oakley@ncwildlife.org.

According to Christian Waters, chief of the Commission’s Division of Inland Fisheries, Commission staff members are still tagging hybrid bass at Lake Norman with the assistance of a local fisherman.

“The $100 reward for a tag return will continue into 2017 and is scheduled for several more years” Waters said.

After the program is completed, the data provided from fishermen will be used for an assessment of the hybrid bass fishery and future stocking plans.

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