SPRO Outsider Crankbaits

Outside-weighted crankbaits offer long distance casting

With weights located on the outside of this lure’s body, the SPRO Outsider is easier to cast and gives anglers more responsive action. This means more water covered, and more fish caught.

Available in three different sizes to cover depths of between 3 feet and 21 feet, it also comes in numerous colors.

The SR55 weighs 3/8-ounce, is 55mm long and runs 3-4 feet deep. The MR60 is 5/8-ounce, 60mm long, and runs 7-9 feet deep. The DB80 is the deep diver, submarining down to 21 feet with its long bill, 1.25-ounce weight and 80mm length.

Forget the need to upgrade hardware; these lures come with premium Gamakatsu treble hooks. Tie one on straight out of the package and you’re ready to fish.

For more info, visit: spro.com

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