Shoot that thang!

Gene Larew’s Bass Shooter was designed to be ‘shot’ back up under docks where bass hide.

If skipping simply frustrates you — or perhaps you’re teaching kids or other beginners — don’t fret; take a page from the crappie angler’s handbook and “shoot” your baits under the cover.

With a motion more closely resembling archery, shooting provides a handy option for zipping a bait back into the dock’s shadowy reaches, without all the performance anxiety.

Aiming a spinning outfit at your target zone, pull the lure backward to load the rod from beneath, and then release it to shoot the bait into the target zone. You’ll find that high-visibility braided line will show the light bites, as the line sudden stops. Adding a 10-pound fluorocarbon leader to the braid complements stealth with abrasion resistance

Taking this specialty presentation a step farther, lure maker Gene Larew recently created a bait with a slower fall to stay in front of suspended fish. The Bass Shooter also maximizes the shooting momentum with a lengthy skipping motion. This sleek, 31/4-inch bait is made with a flat back with a hook alignment guide, a spade-shaped tail, and a keeled underside that makes the bait wobble and glide through the water column.

Specifically for the Bass Shooter, Gene Larew also created a Pinhead Hook with a wire weed guard and a weighted shank for even weight distribution. Completing the package, Gene Larew Pull Tabs prevent accidental sticking by keeping your fingers well behind the hook.

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