Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease spreading to southern states


RHDV2 not currently detected in the Carolinas

SCDNR wants to make rabbit hunters and rabbit owners aware of a highly contagious disease, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus-2 (RHDV2), that has been detected in several states, and most recently, Florida.

At this time, RHDV2 has not been detected in South Carolina, however, sick rabbits or rabbits found dead IN THE WILD should not be collected or handled. If you find a dead rabbit in the wild or in a running enclosure, please leave the carcass and contact your local SCDNR biologist or conservation officer.

If you have a sick or dead DOMESTIC rabbit, take it to your local vet who can send it to the Clemson Veterinary Diagnostic Center for examination. Check https://www.clemson.edu/public/lph/ahp/species/rabbit.html for more detailed information.

Humans are not susceptible to RHDV2, but they can inadvertently spread the virus. It is transmitted by direct and indirect contact and can be spread through rabbit products, such as fur, meat, or wool.

Insects, birds, rodents, predators, and pets have also been known to spread RHDV2.

READ MORE: https://www.dnr.sc.gov/news/2021/apr/apr20-rabbit.php

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