First gobbler

My grandson Graham spent the week of youth turkey season
With me. We tried Monday morning at a friends farm. We had several gobblers about but couldn’t quiet close the deal. Tuesday we had the same results. Birds gobbling but none would commit. Went to another friends farm on Wednesday morning. At daylight the crows started calling but no gobbling.
I was certain there were some gobblers on the farm.
Around 7 am a crow flew over our setup and a gobbler answered about 200 yards away. I called but no response. I was certain he could hear me. Around 8 he shock gobbled to a distant gun shot just to our right across a small field about 80 yards away. I finally spotted the bird but he wouldn’t cross the field. After 20 minutes I finally coaxed him over on our side but he headed to a ridge 80 yards in front of and strutted back and forth for over 30 minutes. We then noticed a hen in a tree just in front of us, she flew down and walked to our left. Down off the ridge came the gobbler in full strutt. When he saw our strutted and hen decoys he came right in. He circled around and when Graham got a clear shot at his head he rolled him with the 20ga.

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