Hadley Saunders

Hadley Saunders (6) of Lewisville, NC harvested his first and second deer during the Winter break from school. He practiced shooting all year with his Ruger 300 AAC and it paid off. His first harvest came on December 19th, near Aho Gap in Watauga County, NC. The buck winded us and blew, running off and making the fatal mistake of stoping before clearing the western ridge line. Hadley kept his composure and stayed focused making a great 85 yard shot through the timber. After Christmas, he connected again for his second harvest on a doe at similar distance in Person County, NC on Dec 31st. Watching a few does feeding on triticale, “The fever” set in this time, and his first shot was a miss. Calming himself for a second chance, he reloaded a made it count before they made the wood line. Proud of our little guy! Congratulations Hadley!

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