Kasey Miller’s Wilkes County hammer

Kasey Miller
From Burke County
Deer killed in Wilkes County
11/24/23 evening
Cva cascade 7mag with vortex scope
10 pointer
191lbs, score roughly 145 (maybe a little more)
Had never seen the deer that I know of recent, could have possibly seen him 2 years prior. We had a lot of trail camera pictures of him last year and this year.
Shot it in an open clover food plot from an elevated box stand, was about 70 yard shot.

The deer ran when I shot, but I felt confident with my shot and was pretty confident he had been hit.

I had this deer at the top of my list as my target buck this year. Being a teacher (& mom) I’m limited to Saturdays and vacation breaks. I hunted him every Saturday. As soon as we were out of school for thanksgiving I hunted him my first opportunity and knew that conditions were favorable for him to show. I had sat for hours with zero action but as the sun started dipping a doe and fawn stepped out of the thick kudzu vines and fed along the edge of the food plot. I watched them for a little while when all of a sudden their postures changed. They both looked over their shoulder. They had just alerted me a deer was coming and I had a feeling it was the one I was after. I was hoping a praying that the deer making its way in wouldn’t stall and would make it before light faded. I went ahead and confidently raised my gun and watched through my scope, just knowing it would be him. Sure enough, he stepped right into my scope. My target buck had stepped into the food plot with plenty of light left. He stayed dead facing me not presenting a broadside shot. It being a once in a lifetime buck I didn’t want to take a chance shot. With light fading he turned to give me a sharp quartering away shot. I took it and felt confident.
I called my husband and he came to help track. The buck had ran off a cliff and into extremely rough terrain. It took us about 3 hours to track and retrieve him. We got him back to the “huntin house” and my boys were tickled to see what mom brought home!

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