Thomas Reed’s lowcountry deer

Main frame 10pt with a 14” eye guard. Weighed 191 lbs killed in Beaufort County on October 13 2022. I had been chasing this deer for two seasons. His nickname was Hollywood. I’m strictly a bow only hunter. Between this season and last season I had many encounters with him but he was always just out of bow range. He always showed his face at about 60-70 yards.

Well on Oct 13 around lunch I went to check my trail cam and he was in the area all night and showed his face again at 930am. So I told myself he will definitely be back this evening. Rushed home got all my Duff together but this time I told myself I’m tired of him being just out of range so I grabbed my 270 instead of the bow.

I got in my climbing Stand got situated and was enjoying watching some other small bucks and doe. About 2 pm I got in my climbing Stand got situated and was enjoying watching some other small bucks and doe. 6pm rolled around and I heard a twig break to my right. Eased around to look and there he stood at 20yrds (go figure lol perfect bow shot) facing straight at me.

He took a step to his left and gave me a almost perfect broadside shot. He mule kicked and ran out of sight with his tail tucked. I knew it was a good hit. Got down and went over to where he was standing and couldn’t find one drop of blood hair anything. So I backed out called some buddies to help me look. We grid searched till after midnight with no sign of anything other than a few fresh tracks crossing the creek and the creek being really muddy right there where you could tell a deer had just crossed in a hurry and stirred the water up.

Called off the search and was back there before daylight the next morning. Me and my wife searched for 6 hours. Zigzagged every inch (so we thought) finally called for a dog. He said he was on a track that he would call me when finished to head my way. Hung up with him and was walking out and we got about 20 yards from the creek where we thought he crossed and my wife hollers baby baby there he is. Low and behold there he laid. 60yrds from where he was shot. Perfect double lung bullet went in and got lodged in the arm pit of opposite side and didn’t exit. 20” wide inside. He had survey string grown into his antler on the left side, where, evidently he got tangled up in it while he was in velvet.

–Thomas Reed

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