Emily Sewell Marshall’s Bluffton buck

An unbelievable Bluffton, SC Buck

I’m kicking myself for not sending this photo in 2 years ago like I told myself I would if this moment actually happened!! But wanted to send in anyways incase y’all wanted to share it 🙂 Coming up on the 2nd year since harvesting this amazing buck off my grandfathers property (Graves Farm) in Bluffton, South Carolina right off highway 278. I’d been watching him for a year but we’ve never hunted this property and it was under construction (he sold to developers but I was still getting to live in the old barn apartment there). Some friends helped me track where he was traveling from and get a stand, camera and corn out. I started sitting about every evening and a few mornings on September 17th and by September 30th I got my shot right before dark. I still can’t believe it but am grateful for the opportunity and for the memory made that last year of living out on our family farm that I grew up on. I took him to the Webb Center & had him measured by April Atkinson. He measured about 134 without deductions but made it into the South Carolina state records list with an official score of 127 6/8!
Thanks so much!
Emily Sewell Marshall

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