The Biggest Buck of my Life

buck of my life

On November 26, 2021 I drove to my hometown of Rockingham to hunt with Jordan Smith, a great childhood friend of mine. We headed to some public land in Richmond Co. In hopes to get some meat for the freezer.

We climb up in our stands and await daylight. Around 8:35 am we spot 2 big nannys headed down the creek bottom, but by the time we spotted them i couldnt pull off a shot with the old 870 12ga. They continue to wonder down the creek bottom and out of sight.

At 8:50 Jordan said, “Buddy, huge buck! DO NOT TURN AROUND HE IS LOOKING AT US!”. I couldnt help but turn my head to glance back and see a big rack moving down the creek bottom! I stand up in my climber as easily as i could and turn around. The buck is still making his way down the creek bottom with his nose to the ground. He starts to head up the opposite ridge. I am nervous as all get out fumbling to grab my grunt call that is hanging on my neck and jordan says “dont worry i have mine “.

He hits the grunt call softly about 2 times and the buck stops , turns around and is looking our direction.He starts walking our way and then heads down the creek bottom as the does did. I didnt have many clear shot opportunities but there was one spot with about 2 or 3 really small limbs i figured i could sling some buckshot at.

He came to that window and i shot! He headed up the opposite ridge and i shot twice more. With my last shot we watched him fall! We had great confidence in the old 12ga 870 with our choke and ammo combo to be deadly out to 50 yards. But after the buck fell we lost sight. So we packed up our stuff and hiked back to the truck to unload our gear and wait.

After about a hour we head back with the deer cart. We were almost sure the deer was down but decided to split up incase the buck happened to jump up. I pushed down wind about 60 yards and went up the ridge to where i had a view of the ridge he fell at.

Jordan pushed up the ridge and after a few mins i hear “Buddy, he is huge!”. I run over there and see him and become a mess! I am as jacked up as i can be! There lays the biggest buck of my life. I have deer hunted hard since i started 15 years ago. A big, old 8 point! We celebrate and take some pictures and pack up the buck on the deer cart and start the tiring journey to the truck.

Finally we make it back head home and clean and cape out the stud! He is now at the taxidermist so he can have a spot on the wall beside my other trophy, my first buck, a little 4 point. Cant beat that!

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