I hunt multiple counties and feed a lot of stands to target big bucks. I normally always kill my big deer in Guilford but not this year. I picked up a new spot in Randolph County a few miles down the road from where I live.

I started running cameras a month before bow season to try to find a shooter buck. To my surprise, the deer I would be going after was in Randolph County right down the road from me. After feeding for about two weeks this guy starts to show up. He’s showing up at all times. I normally had about six pictures at day time every week of this deer. So I knew it was only a matter of time before I had my chance.

I got off work early one day on Wednesday Sept. 28 and checked the wind and knew I had a good wind for that stand. I got settled in the stand around 3:30 p.m. Didn’t see anything till about 5:30, which was a cow horn. Around 6:45 I had a yearling and two does come in. After about 15 minutes of them messing around and eating, I noticed they keep looking behind them. Tank showed up and the rest is history.




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