Sammy Allen’s Pee Dee Gamelands buck

On Nov. 2, 2020 I was still hunting in North Carolina’s Richmond County on the Pee Dee Gamelands. On this tract of Gameland there is basically two sides to hunt if you judge it by road access: The Left access road side and The Right access side.

The Left is usually better because of a yellow gate which forces hunters to walk in and cover a lot of acreage. Then there’s The Right side, which is usually more busy than the Left because of the boat landing at the river and other hunters for easier access.

Well that day there was already four trucks parked at the Left side gate, so I went Right. Found an old road bed leading into pines with underbrush and lying between two white oak bottoms. Went where the pines bottlenecked between the oak bottoms and climbed a pine tree.

I sat there quietly for a little bit to let things settle. With the wind in my face, I started using my grunt call. After a few sequences, I noticed the top of a tall skinny sapling shaking back and fourth. It was breezy that day but that wasn’t natural tree movement.

About 15 mins later this buck was creeping in posturing at 40 yards looking for his rival. I could tell he had a crazy looking right antler and a nice looking left. So when he presented me with a good broadside shot, I took it.

Sammy Allen — Hamlet, N.C.

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