Rex Blackburn tags out with unique deer

unique deer

Unique deer was familiar to Blackburn

Rex Blackburn of Oak Ridge, NC killed a unique deer on Oct. 7 to tag out for the 2023 season, not long after killing a giant buck. Like the first one, he killed this buck in Guilford County.

He shot the buck with his Hoyt RX-3 at about 6:12 p.m.

“This is a deer that I had on camera last year. He was strange last year, but he blew up this year and was surprisingly bigger,” Blackburn said. “I had a stiff wind blowing in the right direction, so he came in with plenty of daylight left and gave me a good shot at 15 yards. I double-lunged him and he crashed in just a couple of seconds.”

He’s glad to have tagged out so early in the season.

“With a pregnant wife and two kids, I gotta say I’m grateful to have my buck tags filled in early October!” he said.


Bag A Buck Contest

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