Palmated 12-point buck with bow

My name is Devin Miles from Sumter SC. I recently killed a palmated 12 point buck with my bow on public land. I killed the buck on October 25th, 2022. I scouted an area twice and found a bunch of sign. I went back and hunted it mid october and jumped a buck out of his bed, pretty sure the one I ended up shooting on my next hunt. Went back on October 25th because the wind was right and set up about 150 yards from where i jumped him and i rattled once for about 30 seconds put horns down, took a sip of water and heard him coming. He walked straight in to about 40 yards and turned to get down wind of me and I shot him at around 20 yards through a small opening with my Mathews Triax, right before he got directly down wind of me.

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