Pait Glenn kills first deer in Granville County, NC

first deer

First deer was a very good one

Waylon “Pait” Glenn, 9-years-old, killed his first deer, a 166-pound buck that sported an 18-inch wide spread during the second week of November 2023 in Granville County, NC. He killed the buck with a .243 Weatherby shooting a ballistic-tipped bullet from 55 yards away.

But that wasn’t the first time he shot at the buck, and it wasn’t the first time he hit it either.

“He shot the deer with a crossbow during the first week of November,” said Kyle Glenn, Pait’s dad, who was hunting with the young sportsman.

“He drew blood, and we tracked him for two days but never found him. The buck showed up on camera about a week later at our original tree stand spot. In the meantime, we set up a ground blind about 200 yards from the tree stand Pait could get used to shooting a rifle with a tripod from the standing position,” he said. “The first day in the blind, all we saw were a couple of does.”

They went back the next day, and around 4:40 p.m., things got exciting.

“This buck strolled right in. I woke Pait up from his nap. We nicknamed this buck the “zombie deer” since he survived the first shot,” he said.

As the deer made its way to feed, Pait got ready to shoot. When the time was right, he pulled the trigger.

“It was a perfect shot from about 55 yards. The deer ran about 75 yards and fell dead with no exit wound,” he said.

The buck’s 18-inch wide rack had a lot of palmation, adding to the character and uniqueness of the trophy deer.

“This is the first deer he has ever killed, and it sure was a good one!” said Glenn.


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