Opening day velvet buck

velvet buck

Velvet buck scored 201 4/8 inches

This was a new Alamance County property picked up over the summer. I first started getting trail cam pics of the deer in June. He was pretty regular on coming to the feeder with a couple of other deer. Opening day was questionable with the weather and wind conditions but I decided to go sit anyway.

I had placed my 20-foot ladder stand in a cedar tree and I’m pretty adamant on scent control with washing and using ozonics, so I didn’t feel it was an issue. Like clockwork, the other deer started showing up, and soon after I spotted him about 60 yards out just milling around. He took his time working over to the feeder, after about 20 to 30 minutes, he started that way and finally gave me a 26-yard broadside shot, so I took it.

At first, I thought the shot was a little high. But after checking my arrow and seeing the blood trail, I felt better about it. After walking back to my truck to get my light, about 30 minutes passed, and I went straight to tracking and found him about 100 to 120 yards from shot.

I had him officially BTR scored at 201 4/8 inches.

I use a Mathews V3 with Rage broadheads and Victory arrows

–Steven Blackard

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