Matthew Lewis’ 11-point buck

11-point buck

On October 21, 2021 my family and I drove from Columbia, S.C to Gaffney, S.C (Cherokee County) to visit family members and to go hunting.

Prior to hunting that afternoon, my son and I went and checked the camera that I put out back in July. While checking the pictures , I noticed that an 11-point showed up 2 days prior. This made me very excited about hunting that afternoon.

While walking to the deer stand I put out a doe estrous buck bomb. Right at dark I heard something walking behind me. I turned my head and noticed a nice buck walking through the hedge row. I knew this was the buck I had on camera.

He was making his way to the buck bomb that I put out earlier. When he walked into the field I took the shot. At that moment I realized this could be the largest buck I have killed since I started hunting as a child.

—Matthew Lewis

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