Logan Griffin’s Chesterfield County “Great 8”

Great 8The Great 8 weighed 207 pounds

Logan Griffin killed a big 9-point buck in Chesterfield County, SC on Sept. 2, 2023. It’s a deer he and his hunting buddies had seen on trail cameras for several years, and called it “The Great 8” as it was a mainframe 8-pointer most of its life.

Griffin shot the buck with a Rossi 45LC lever-action rifle with iron sights. He had not shot a buck with a rifle in quite a few years, opting for handguns and bows during that time period.

“After only killing deer with a handgun or bow for the last 6 or 7 years, it was fun to pick up a rifle and put one down,” he said.

It was Griffin’s second buck of this season, and he felt this one was somewhat of a reward from passing on a good buck during opening weekend of archery season, and instead arrowing an injured one.

“Opening weekend of archery in SC, I let a really good buck walk and shot (a different deer) because he was acting sick and had a broken leg. Come to find out, he had been hit by a vehicle on his right side and was really in a bad way. So I had put him out of his pain,” he said.

Regret, then joy

He had a little bit of regret over that decision, but it all worked out for him.

“Honestly, I was kinda kicking myself for not shooting the big one. Well, this morning, the good Lord blessed me with a bigger buck! A 207-pound, 9-point that we have years of pictures of, and very few encounters. After only killing deer with a handgun or bow for the last 6 or 7 years, it was fun to pick up a rifle and put one down,” he said. “Book closed on the buck we called “The Great 8.”


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