Lexington County hunter drops big 6-point buck

6-point buck

The 6-point buck weighed 205 pounds

It’s not always easy to get excited about a 6-point buck, but Candace Jackson of Lexington, S.C. killed one on Sept. 5 that any hunter would be proud of. The 205-pound buck had a 17 3/4-inch inside spread. It’s the biggest buck — even bigger than her largest 8-point buck  — she’s ever killed.

Jackson was in a ground blind in Lexington County during an evening hunt. After sitting about 45 minutes without seeing anything, the big 6 showed up. It’s one she’d seen on trail cameras before, but never in the flesh until that day.

“We bought the land at the end of last year. And we put trail cameras up. We saw the big 6-pointer and some other deer. And we watched them drop their antlers, then begin growing them again. We saw all that through trail cam photos,” she said.

Some bucks just seem destined to never grow more than six points. That seemed to be the case with this buck. Jackson’s processor estimated the deer at about 6-years-old.

She shot the buck from 75 yards away

This wasn’t the first buck she’s killed, but it is the first one she’s killed in the past few years. It was also her first time hunting from a ground blind instead of an elevated stand. For the last couple of seasons, she passed on numerous bucks that she didn’t deem worthy of pulling the trigger on.

Jackson was sitting about 75 yards away overlooking a food plot sweetened with corn when she pulled the trigger on her .308. The deer dropped on the spot.

“He literally dropped in the corn pile. It’s the first time I’ve ever had one drop in the corn pile,” she said.

After shooting the buck, her husband helped her load it up and take it to the processor. About 15 minutes after leaving the woods, her husband got a text on his phone. It was from their trail camera, showing that a bigger 8-point buck just arrived where Jackson had shot the 6 pointer.

“So we figure the big 8-pointer was probably about to come in, and probably would have if I had waited longer before shooting. But that’s okay with me, I’m happy I got the 6. It was actually the first time anyone sat in that stand since we purchased the land. I’m glad to know that 8-pointer is still out there,” she said.


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