Late Season Success


I harvested this 9-point buck on Dec. 26, 2022.

I had planned to let this buck walk, however on Dec. 18 I got a picture of him which would make me re-think my decision. In the Dec. 18 picture, his body size caught my attention. So, I went back through past pictures from as far back as July of this year. I changed my mind from letting him walk to going after him.

My plan was to hunt near where I thought he was bedding, which was around a half of a mile from where he was showing up on camera in the middle of the night. I had off work the week after Christmas so my plan was to go after him all week. It didn’t take long.

Monday morning a coyote interrupted my hunt as it chased off some does. That evening I debated hunting the same spot as the morning since the encounter with the coyote. I decided to perch, on the ground, amongst a fallen cedar tree top overlooking the bottom of a pasture that led to a creek where I thought he was bedding (just as I did that morning).

At 4:51, I texted my brother “about time for a deer or two to get up.” I looked at my phone at 5:11, two minutes before sunset, to see if my brother had replied to my text. At 5:25 I was standing over my buck around 45 yards from my perch, where he had dropped in his tracks. The 9-point buck came out behind three other deer grunting like it was the middle of November.

–Jeff Myrick; Moore County, NC


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