Kyler Manning’s first buck

My son Kyler Manning killed his first 8point buck on youth day September 24,2022 in the early morning in Edgecombe County, I let him pick the stand he wanted to hunt out of the day before the hunt and he picked the right one and it was perfect timing. We got to the stand hunting over a sweet potatoe field a little late but the fog helped us out. We made it to the stand and it was maybe 20 minutes of sitting in the stand and the fog cleared up some to where we could see maybe a 100 yards we couldn’t quite see the wood line we were watching just yet. it was around 7:45am and here he came form out the total opposite way we were watching not typically where they come from and he stopped at 75 yards eating sweet potatoes we get everything set up for him to take the shot. He wasn’t quite broadsided but I let him take the shot with his youth model iron sight 30/30 the buck ran maybe 30 yards and fell I believe I was more excited then he was

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