Boone Miller kills Wilkes County buck

Boone Miller, age 6
From Burke County
Buck killed in wilkes county
12/27/23 5:30pm
Cva cascade 308 sb with a vortex scope
9 points
180lbs, 130 & 4/8
Had not even seen the deer before, had a lot of trail camera pictures from this year and precocious years.
110 yard shot in woods hunting off the ground with no blind
Tracked the deer about 30 yards

The unique thing about this hunt was that it was on my dad’s birthday. I had my heart set on this deer that I called the big 10 ever since I got a picture of it. Since I was down to 1 buck tag I had decided that I would save it in case I had an opportunity at the big 10. On one hunting trip with my dad a really big 8 pointer came in but I didn’t shoot it, I decided I would either shoot the big 10 or end the season with a tag still. My dad would let me shoot whatever I wanted but every buck I seen on hunting trips I let go. I knew that we would have some days out of school for Christmas and I wanted to hunt him all of those days. Our first day at our hunting house after Christmas I hunted for him. It had been raining really hard for a couple days, the rain stopped but it was warm out for this time of year. We had an 8 pointer and a spike come in and work across the ridge. I knew I wasn’t going to take a shot and let the 8 go. We were so focused on the 8 and spike that we didn’t realize the big 10 had slipped in and was just down below us. I quickly got on the gun that I had in my bog death grip. I put it right where I needed to and realized I didn’t have my ear muffs on. I asked my dad for my ear muffs and the buck moved where I didn’t have a shot. We where afraid it was over with. He ended up looping around and giving me another shot. I quickly got on him and pulled the trigger. He plowed about 30 yards. This was my second buck of the season & my biggest ever!
It felt so good for passing other bucks to pay off!

This is Boone’s second submission this year. We submitted another one using the form but not sure if it went through. It was titled “Sunday 8”

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